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Isn´t it wonderful that we may live? Did you ever think about that? We like to show you what human life means and why it has to be protected. We are convinced that the support of pregnant women and the protection of unborn children should be a matter of everybody, as it is written of art. 2 of our constitution (Grundgesetz). An important precondition of a child-orientated society is the intact family. That is why we are active on the behalf of the importance of the family so that this knowledge is engraved in the public conscience again. We cordially invite you to inform youself by means of our homepage. 




Marie Elisabeth Hohenberg
Marie Elisabeth Hohenberg
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What it means to be pro life! Kristijan Aufiero's speech at One of Us - Forum Budapest


Ladies and Gentlemen! Dear friends for life!

There is no doubt that we are facing hard times in good old Europe these days. Repressive Ideologies, undemocratic intolerance and a frightening godforsakenness are threatening the future existence of our passed on culture.


To say it outright: Nothing can fill the hole that millions of abortions in the last decades have torn and continue to tear every day in the hearts of our peoples. There are no words to describe the devastating consequences for our societies. There is no greater guilt we are carrying on our shoulders, than the death of millions of unborn children to whom we denied life.


But – I ask you today to never forget: there is nothing more European than overcome screaming injustice, to remember our true roots and to rebuild our true culture on the ruins of ideological insanity, totalitarianism and oppression!


Today I stand in front of you as a true European. Son of an Italian father and a Croatian mother, who came to Germany in the late 60ies in search for work and for an opportunity to build up a better future.


My father was 20 and my mother was only 19 years old, when she got pregnant with me. A humble income, many hours of overtime and a lot of sacrifice determined their lives as a young family. That’s why I spent most of the time living with my grandparents be fore I started to go to school.


So I grew up in Germany, in Italy and in Croatia. I went to school in different countries, I studied in Munich and was an Erasmus – student in Siena/Italy. This way I learned a lot about what we all have in common as Europeans – even if we speak different languages.


I have learned, that they are inalienable truths, values and beliefs which constitute our identity: the sanctity of life, a constitutionality built on law of nature and a subsidiary  solidarity with the weak and with anyone in our society who needs our support.


Today we are called not only to remember this truths, but to reaffirm our values and commitments. And to testimony, that there is still no worse injustice, no such painful wound and no bigger challenge than the fact, that millions of women every year don’t see any alternative for themselves but to abort their child.


Let’s be clear: If a young couple does not get an apartment to rent, because they have two little children and are expecting their third one – that impairs my quality of living and hurts my sense of justice even if they are not my children.


If a single mom doesn’t find a job because she’s pregnant again and has to leave at five every day to pick up her child from nursery – that makes my life poor even if it’s not my grandchild.


If a 19-years old girl says that she has to choose abortion because of her boyfriend who is threatening her – that insults my human dignity as well!


Well, while we do what we can to minister to women and families in a pregnancy crises, there are many people outside calling us radicals, fundamentalists and even worse.


They condemn us because we take care for the 17 years old girl in Amsterdam, who is told that she destroys her future, if she gives birth to her child. They condemn us, because we care for the single mother in Paris, who doesn’t know how to live a decent life, if she decides to let her second baby alive. And because we care for the father of a young family with three little kids in Madrid, who has two jobs but gets frightened, as his wife is pregnant again, because they can’t afford one more child.


Ideologs condemn us because we truly believe that LIFE is always a better choice than abortion. They condemn us because we remind them every day: who says that abortion is the easy way out of a crisis isn’t straight to this women and families!


But: Whatever some people say and however they call us, please let me tell you what I see, when I look in this hall: I see a crowd of heroes standing up and fighting for the idea of a just society, a free society and a solidary society which takes care for pregnant women and their families and offers them a way out of the worst crisis in their life. For me, you are true heroes of compassion and you do all this and we do this together, because we are for life!


Yes, we believe that human dignity has to be untouchable and that all public power has to make sure that born and unborn babies have the equal right to live. That’s why we are pro life!


Yes, we have the faith, that things can change. We encourage pregnant women to take tough choices even when easier ones  are available. We help them to take de- cisions which will make them proud of themselves for the rest of their life! This is, what it means to be pro life!


And yes, we are convinced that love and hope can succeed over fear and desperation. We are convinced that objective information, true counseling and concrete help can offer a better alternative to abortion to every pregnant woman in Europe! This is because we are pro life!


And please –  be sure that future generations will not judge us for the power of our economy or the size of our wealth nor for the number of Christian principles we’ ve queried or values we have thrown overboard!


They will ask us, what we’ ve built, not how much we destroyed. They will ask, how much we loved and how true this love was, if at the same time, millions of babies where not allowed to survive because we let their mothers and families alone.


Today I have the faith and I have the hope, that our movement can give courage to millions and has the strength to lead our nations to a future, where no pregnant woman sees herself constrained to have an  abortion. A future in which everybody who has his heart in the right place will understand that mass – abortion actually is a huge, a mass – lack of compassion for women in need!


So we will continue to be radically and fundamentally solidary with pregnant women! Because our true compassion in all we do, with all we say and with all of our thoughts – that’s the way that leads to an Yes to life.


Thank you for listening! Thank you for all you do for keeping unharmed the hearts of women in need AND for saving the lives of their unborn children! Good bless you and good bless the peoples of this great continent!


Kristijan Aufiero is a political scientist (Bavarian School of Public Policy in Munich, Germany; University of Siena, Italy) with many years of experience in nonprofit management and leadership. He serves as the President of Pro Femina e.V., a women’s help organization providing counseling for pregnant women in need. Aufiero also is the founder of the project Aufiero lives with his wife and two children in Munich. is a cooperation between Pro Femina e.V., Die BIRKE e.V. and the foundation Yes to Life (STIFTUNG JA ZUM LEBEN). The goal of the project is to establish a nationwide network of counseling and help for women considering abortion. Through objective information, best counseling and concrete help pregnant women shall be enabled to take decisions for life. 2016, the project served 3.628 women in need.